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Annual Conference by COOIT

Annual Conference by COOIT


March 21, 2021 - March 22, 2021    
10:00 am - 5:00 pm


Palm Greens Resorts
Palm Greens Resorts, G.T Karnal road, Ashok Vihar
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The Central Organization of Oil Industry and Trade

Annual conference – 21st March 2021



We are the foremost organization supporting this cause and promoting use of mustard oil both with government and public at large. We are organizing an annual conference and would like to invite all kacchi ghani unit aspirants of Samarth Bharat to join in the same on 21st March 2021.

This was a 2 days annual conference, which was organized by COOIT at Palm Greens Resorts, G.T Karnal road. In this conference, they have specialized sessions around oil industry and specifically mustard oil. These will help new starters to get various inputs and provide networking with the fellow industry members.

Following member participated in the event from Samarth Bharat.


COOIT – Members Joining on 21st March from IID
S No. Name Contact No Source
1 Ravindra Choudhary 7827802030 IID
2 Mukul Pratap Singh 7827802029 IID
3 Sugandh Anand 9582300908 IID
4 Ashish 8586819164 IID
5 Montu 7428032983 IID
6 Vikas Sharma 8860537504 IID
7 Vijay Arya  9650375741 IID Supplier
8 Khilesh Vasania 9023292519 IID Supplier
9 Neha Vasania 7597227228 IID Supplier
10 Mamta Dahiya 9873725944 KVIC Trainee
11 Archana Rana 9811565608 KVIC Trainee