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Career Development Centre Launch

Career Development Centre Launch


February 7, 2023    
3:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Convention Hall, Vice Regal Lodge
DU Conference Centre, University Enclave, New Delhi
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Launch of Career Development Centre (CDC)


At an event titled “Lead The Future”, Delhi University and Samarth Bharat launched Career Development Centre (CDC) at Convention Hall of DU on Tuesday. The event saw a large turn-up of prospective entrepreneurs dreaming of starting their own startups. They listened with rapt attention to the success stories of entrepreneurs, some young and others with plenty of experience. All of them gave valuable lessons on how to climb the ladder of success. An MoU signing ceremony was attended by Principals of various colleges. 

Describing the event as an important one, Prof. Yogesh Singh, Delhi University Vice-Chancellor said, Career Development Centre was started by Samarth Bharat, a project of Bhaorao Deoras Sevas Nyas, which has created a start-up support ecosystem that will introduce young minds to skill development. “This is the centenary year of Delhi University and we are celebrating 70 years of our Independence. On behalf of Delhi University, I welcome you all. Your presence influences young minds,” said the DU Vice-Chancellor. Recalling a meeting with the Vice-Chancellor of Yale University in 2011,  Prof Yogesh Singh said, “I was invited by the Vice Chancellor. He was worried about the future of young entrepreneurs in the US as the manufacturing units had shifted elsewhere. I thought if America was having a problem from becoming a world leader then we, too, need to give equal importance to manufacturers. We need to imbibe originality, creativity and imagination.” He stressed the importance of skill development and having the right mindset to bring about a change. 

Sharing his words of wisdom, Bharat Bhushan Arora, Chief Visionary and Patron of Samarth Bharat and MD of Bharat Prakashan, explained how Samarth Bharat came into being.  While working for the public when the country was hit by COVID-19 virus, Shri Arora realized that something concrete needs to be done on a fast track mode to mitigate the suffering of such a large number of people. “During the pandemic, we ran kitchens for two months to feed the public. It was a difficult phase yet we succeeded in distributing food to 1 crore people and gave rations to 2 lakhs families. However, I asked myself how long we can keep distributing food? We need to do something more as a lot of people had become jobless. Many sectors, including hospitality, were badly affected.”  Pointing out that many people, who lost their livelihood, are now earning good money, Shri Arora said, “We laid emphasis on skill development. Thanks to skill development, Kiran, a girl who lost her father, is now earning Rs 20,000. These children are before my eyes. Now, these children are earning from Rs 15,000 to Rs 50,000.” Revealing that he was an alumnus of Delhi University, Sanjeev Bhikhchandani of said he began working after graduating in 1984. “Looking back, I can say that it has been 39 years of evolution. During my time, there was neither the IT sector nor the Internet. Telecompany or mobile apps were non-existent. Fortunately, we have now witnessed tremendous growth.” Shri Bhikhchandani broke the myth that an entrepreneur needs to have a lot of money before embarking on any project. His advice to the young audience was to dream big but start small.




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