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Ram Lal Anand College Webinar

Ram Lal Anand College Webinar


March 5, 2021 - March 6, 2021    
All Day

Ram Lal Anand college Webinar

Date – 5 & 6 March, 2021



Event: International E-Conference Programme

Venue: Zoom Meeting 


Event: Dr. Prerna Malhotra



Sangoshthi Society of Ram Lal Anand Collage organised a Two Day International E-Conference on 4th and 5th March, 2021. The topic was “Post – Pandemic Education and Employment: Challenges and Opportunities” via Zoom Meeting.

The session was started with the prayer of Maa Saraswati, who is the Goddess of Education. Then the session was introduced by Dr. Prerna Malhotra.


Introducing of Session by Dr. Prerna Malhotra: –

Dr. Prerna Malhotra introduced all the guests and discussed about the pandemic of COVID 19 and told that how India faces this situation bravely. She discussed that due to COVID 19, India proceed towards digital methods of learning, such as online classes and online exams. She also discussed with us about future aim and objectives of SANGOSHTHI society of Ram Lal Anand College. Then, the Principal sir of Ram Lal Anand College addressed us.


Speech of Dr. Rakesh Gupta: –

He discussed about the digital method of learning and about teaching and learning process. He told us about utilization and importance of E- resources, such as skill development courses also done by E- resources, like online yoga classes, human values classes, etc. He said that India is moving towards development and its symbol can be seen as during COVID 19 pandemic, less important was done by India, instead of this, there is no scarcity of medicines.


Speech by Prof. Balaram Pani: –

He discussed about the teaching community and efficiency of teacher to solve out any problem. He told about 2 points;

  1. Our aim & objective should be clear.
  2. If it will be clear, then we will able to create interest for our aim. And these are only done with the help of our teachers.

He also said that post COVID, education system has become a blessing for us.


Speech by Mahendhiran Nair: –

He discussed about the agenda of global economy and explained that how the impact of climate change is seen in the global community. He discussed about the 8i STI ecosystem enablers which are the key features to understand the ecosystem. He said that global economy has become complex over the last 30 years and also discussed about how to overcome from this situation.


Speech by Inder Mohan Kapahy: –

He explained about the concept of evaluative learning and talked about the creative destruction which is done by the climate or nature. He said that we have to create such type of education system which is future ready. He also discussed about some important challenges to higher education and said that we have to focus on these things to make our education system better. These challenges are given below;

1). Critical thinking

2). Communication

3). Collaboration

4). Creativity


Day – 2

The conference started with introduction of Guests by Mrs. Prerna Malhotra after which orientation of Samarth Bharat took place by Shri Shonal Gupta (Project head of Samarth Bharat) which is an initiative of Bhaorao Deoras Sewa Nyas. Various statistical data like current employment rate etc. was depicted for better understanding.

The conference was then further processed by another orientation on Entrepreneurship Development which was addressed by Shri Mukesh Shukla (Chairman of Institute for Industrial Development, Incubator with Ministry of MSME). The challenges impact and opportunities by the 4th industrial revolution on Entrepreneurship Development was explained quite effectively.

Next was the time for Shri Ravi Gupta (Advisor-IID & Samarth Bharat) who introduced students to the banking schemes for Entrepreneurship. The banking schemes was a great learning steps for students in the field of Entrepreneurship.

The students were then addressed about the skill development training by Shri Praveen Arya (Founder of F-Tec). He informed about training imparted to socially and economically weaker section of the society under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojna which generates employability skill under a specific subject. Various training centers providing skill development training were also told to the students along with projects under PMKVY.

Skill development in rural sector was also focused in the special session which was being addressed by Smt. Sarita Duggal (Principal- MTDC KVIC).

In this way, the well-organized session came to an end with the votes of thanks by Dr. Prerna Malhotra. The session was so learning and production for the students.