Question-1: What does Samarth Bharath work for?

Answer: -Samarth Bharath helps in e-learning, Apna Kaam which helps in starting self-employment and Apna Udyog which helps to become first generation entrepreneurs.

Question-2: What is the minimum and maximum age to apply in Samarth Bharath?

Answer: The minimum age to apply in Samarth Bharath is 18 years, but there is no maximum age bar.

Question-3: Can resident residing anywhere in India apply in Samarth Bharath?

Answer: Samarth Bharat Portal is initially offering its services in New Delhi NCR region. But if the candidate applying for e-learning, Apna Kaam or Apna Udyog is from outside Delhi/NCR, they can still register for the same.

Question-4: How much does Samarth Bharath charge for e-learning, Apna kaam or Apna Udyog?

Answer: Samarth Bharath does not charge any fee in lieu of any service.

Question-5: What is the procedure for registration in Samarth Bharat?

Answer: To apply in Samarth Bharat, go to and click on register, verify the mobile number by OTP, then give the information requested and create your password. After that click on login, fill in the form by filling the username and password and choose the field. Your username will be your mobile number.

Question-6: I have registered in Samarth Bharat, but not able to log-in?

Answer: If you are seeing any error on the website or are facing some other problem like not being able to login, then you should take a screenshot and send it to us at Our team will resolve this problem soon and inform you.


Question-1: What type of e-Learning do you offer?

Answer: We offer different types of training in various skill categories through e-learning platform.

Question-2: To whom is the certificate given after completing training?

Answer: After completion of training, trainees will be given a certificate which is related to the skill acquired from training institute and Samarth Bharat. 


Question-1: I want to work as an electrician and desire to open a shop, how can you help me?

Answer: If you want to start self-employment, Samarth Bharat helps you get skills, marketing and financial support through the Government of India schemes.

Question-2: I want to open an electrician shop but I do not know how to work as an electrician, how can you help me?

Answer: If you want to start self-employment as a electrician, Samarth Bharat helps you in getting the skills training to start with followed by financial and marketing support through government schemes. 

Q-3: Do you provide any loan to start your self-employment work?

Answer: We help the bank to provide loans under government schemes.

Q-4: Does Samarth Bharat helps in registering my business or starting my own entrepreneurship?

Answer: We will support you to get your industry registered and start your own industry in a best possible manner through our program Apna Udyog.

Q-5: Will any reference or any type of paperwork is required to get support for Apna Kaam or Apna Udyog?

Answer: Our Helpline service will provide all the necessary information to register. Post that, you will be updated on all the necessary verification documents required for Apna Kaam or Apna Udyog.