The vision of BDSN is to make the socially and economically weaker section of the society, self-sufficient and to enable them live with pride. To fulfil this vision, BDSN has planned to provide Skill Development Training to the unemployed youth (the severity of which has further intensified during the current pandemic of COVID-19) to help them break away from poverty, by leveraging the training/hand holding to work their way up the social and economic ladder with dignity and pride.

The Nyas is conducting the trainings under the banner – Samarth Bharat ( BDSN will provide pathways for re-skilling and up-skilling youth in the pre-identified sectors. The idea is to either enable them to transit into formal sector employment post training through the developed network of quality instructors or to help the enthusiastic and capable candidates to begin an entrepreneurial journey in their field of training. We are primarily focusing on hand skill based works such as: Electrician; AC, Washing Machine Technician; Beautician, Hair Stylist; Smartphones Repair Technician, CCTV technician etc.